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Rolling Stool

The rolling stool and rolling step stools are both convenient and typically adjustable.

When you buy new furniture for your office or home it pays to think before making up your mind. You have to decide on style and perhaps make some sacrifices to get comfort. It is a waste of money to buy a rolling stool for the office, or home, if it is not going to be functional and comfortable to sit on. The whole thing needs to be the correct height (or maybe adjustable) to avoid injuries caused by sitting at the wrong height for long periods of time.

This might seem obvious but care should be taken to inspect the seat of a rolling stool. It might look amazing but if it is wood underneath and has no padding, it will be uncomfortable to sit on.  The best designed rolling stools have back rests to give support and footrests to give a more comfortable sitting position.

The rolling stool itself should be constructed from suitable materials. This is generally a wooden frame which adheres to all the fire regulations and proper commercial quality fabric. If your rolling stool has a vinyl seat cover it needs to be antibacterial to stop skin problems which may be caused by the vinyl covering.

Safety is a major factor when purchasing a rolling stool and it should be fitted with a brake that stops the wheels from moving from the required position and a height control to adjust the seat to the correct height for the user.

When sitting on a high quality rolling stool, the hips will be tilted slightly forward as the back fits against the back rest. This is ergonomic design and you will not find the same safety and comfort features on very cheap rolling stools. Proper sitting posture on a properly designed rolling stool will prevent lumbar pain.

If you are buying a rolling stool for your home make sure that it can be used wherever you want it without problems. For instance, is it the correct height for work surfaces and to be used as a dressing table stool?  If you are using it in an office is it versatile enough and safe enough for anyone to use?

The gas lift rolling stool is the latest thing in technology where stools are concerned and the pressure from the gas will raise the height of the stool with a click of a lever. These are useful, simple to operate and modern looking but may be a bit bulky around the base for home use. That, of course, depends on where you want to use it.

Choose you rolling stool to match your needs and think about the practicalities and what you want to use it for. That does not mean that you have to do without modern designs and contemporary fabrics though. It is all a matter of selecting the right rolling stool for your needs. Global, HON, Boss and IFI are among the best known brands to look out for but there are others to choose from.